Wine lovers do not want to miss the actual flavor of their wine and they try to do everything to achieve it. Wine aerator enhances the characteristic flavor and aroma of the wine. Exposing wine to air triggers oxidation and evaporation. Wine is actually a mix of several chemical compounds and each of them adds some value. However, there are some undesirable compounds, which usually are more volatile and evaporate faster than the desirable, flavorful and aromatic ones.

Sulfides are normally added to wine, which prevents further microbial processes and oxidation. These sulfides, although natural, can smell like rotten eggs or burnt matchsticks. Aeration helps to reduce such compounds. When you open, ethanol also adds a strong flavor and aeration helps to evaporate it and make it more expressive.

We would like to recommend a nice electric wine aerator to our readers, which is very simple to use and serve you perfect wine to enjoy your time 🙂

Wine aerator
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Aeration is particularly beneficial for red wines, but it can also be helpful for white wines as well. Here are a few ways for proper wine aeration:

  • Using a wine aerator, which is fixed to the bottle makes the aeration easier. This process exposes the wine to good amount of air in a perfect way. It helps in direct serving.
  • Using a wine glass by simply pouring the wine into the glass and swirling it or use a specially designed aeration wine glass.
  • Using a decanter allows extreme aeration. It’s a glass with special shape that helps to aerate older and delicate wines by allowing sedimentation.

The above Electronic Red Wine aerator pourer decanter designed to take wine sediment away and super quiet design. This wine accessory features an airtight rubber seal, so your wines remain fresh while you drink. Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser is the best gift for someone who likes/is going to hold a party.

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