One should always be prepared for unwanted incidents when you are at home or outside. Tactical self defense pen in your pocket could be one of the items for such preparation. We have reviewed a patented waterproof ink, the pen features a glass breaker and handcuff key, which also matches with your lifestyle.

Self-defense Pen that can protect you in emergency situations.
Self-defense Pen

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  • This pen works as a standard ballpoint pen.
  • Also, equipped with an ultra-durable carbide glass breaker tip
  • It is refillable with standard and fisher space pen refills.
  • This tactical glass breaker pen provides a smooth writing experience.
  • It has a ballpoint tip on one end as well as a carbide tip glass breaker on the other end.
  • This ballpoint pen becomes a tactical and strategic tool in-case of emergency or self-defense.
  • Not only it fits perfectly in a briefcase but also at teachers desk and office.
  • Great for creative writers and business executives, this carbide tip glass breaker tactical pen is easy to use in case of emergency
  • Uzi Tactical Pens are trusted by the Police, Military and Special forces.
  • Uzi Tactical Pen is compatible with Standard and Fischer space pen refills as well as space pen refills.

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